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I opened a checking account on the 2/2/12 at the local 5/3 branch which I thought would be more convenient for me. Ever since that day, I have had nothing but problems with the bank. First of all, they sent me a debit card with my maiden name on it (I have been married for 9 years), and when they sent me the replacement it was the same way. I had to go back in yesterday and go through the whole process again, only to have the banker say "I hope this fixes it for you".

At that point, I had already decided that I would give them one more chance to fix it. Until I went shopping last night, and my check was declined. The first time in my life I have ever been embarassed like that! I knew the money was there, I had proof! I had just seen my account balance at the bank earlier that day! How dare they keep MY money from me!

So, today I will go back to the Lucasville, OH 5/3 branch, withdraw my money, and close my account. And, I dare them to try to charge me for ANYTHING.

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Montreal, Quebec, Canada #1227267

Valuable commentary , I learned a lot from the info ! Does anyone know where my assistant would be able to get ahold of a fillable 5/3 Bank Direct Deposit Authorization Form example to complete ?


Hi I like most worked hard for my money and when I need it I expect it to be there in a timely fashion, there's no hiccup when you use my saved money for your institutional gains so the question is why is there a problem(s) when it comes to mine? Answer: Human failure sometimes we forget we are all human and will make mistakes! Put yourselves in the employees shoes and grit and bear it!


Shouldn't let one bank branch's incompetence define the bank as a whole!

Hilliard, Ohio, United States #923462

You fill out the information for a credit card..it's not 5/3 fault. They put down what you tell them! I have been banking with them for ten years and havent had a issue!

to Jojo #1035236

When I moved to college I had 5/3. My junior year I moved into a house with my friends.

They then began sending my mother's account statements to my college house.

When I called and told them to send them to the correct address (as in, the one they had sent them for years - hers), they said they couldn't because "she must have come in to the bank and changed the address herself, otherwise it would be impossible for me to be getting them."

Let me repeat that - they accused my mother of going into the bank and choosing to change her physical address to my college house over 2 hours away. This was on top of several other idiotic oversights that they chose to not take credit for (including depositing an $8,000 check into the wrong account, causing all sorts of issues when trying to buy a car).

Wyoming, Michigan, United States #891623

Too bad you didn't post the real reason why u were declined, typical ignorant who can't face their responsibility

Geneva, Ohio, United States #867497

I paid an auto loan off from 5/3 bank and they still took my payment out which left me with overdraft fees. They refused to repay them because they said it was my fault for not telling them it was paid off!

Really?! They got the payoff check...There is your notice! Shady business!

!! Will never use them again!


I opened a savings account with a substantial initial balance at 5/3 bank. The next week I made a check deposit and was told there would be a 2 week hold.

I also made an electronic transfer that has not been credited after 6 days.

When I asked the 5.3 bank manager he ordered me to leave or he would call the cops.

Tomorrow I will file charges of grand-theft & embezzlement on this crooked operation.

to laserles Wyoming, Michigan, United States #891625

O yea how did it go lol

to U r a dumb*** #905770

you're a banker huh i can tell ***

Port Charlotte, Florida, United States #742904

Fifth 3rd puts a 10 day hold on every check i deposit & gives me $100 of it. Then takes away the $100 after i start to use it which, puts me in the hole in my account which means $$$ for their overdraft fees.

When I try to talk to anyone whether in person or on phone they tell me to contact the branch or toll number. Btw I have NEVER had a bad check.

Deland, Florida, United States #628160

I had 5/3 account and bank card and tallied up a good number of bonus points. The bank tellers on 2 different occasions told me that they were applied to our account.

Along with poor and unfriendly service and closing the drive thru on Saturdays but had to go in bank instead, I closed the account. I then discovered that the bonus points were never applied. The tactic that the card service used when I tried to redeem the points was to put you on hold 4 or 5 times saying they could do a one time reward redeem and would transfer me to a supervisor. A supervisor never answered and the person on the line would say, "I don't know why they transferred you to me".

The last person after 4 others was the first person I talked to and she then said,"You should go to the branch." The branch can't do anything because it is through the credit card department.

I told her I did not appreciate her and the company's dishonesty and hung up. Glad to be out of that bank!

Nashville, Tennessee, United States #603449

we had a credit card with 5/3 for about 2.5 years. we called for pay off amount and mailed a check the next morning.

that was in sept of 2012. it is now feb. 2013. we have been harassed since then that we owe more money.

they can see where we paid it off and say we paid more than we owed, but now we owe over $200 more dollars. it doesn't make since! we answer their calls and have been told, "oh yes I see where your payment was made. don't worry about it." we were even told by one person to stop answering the phone calls from them!!

my husband keeps answering their calls and the amount keeps going up that we owe!

not sure of the reason for the confusion, but we want to make sure people know what they are getting into with them. good luck trying to get rid of them!!

to bigdaddy Nashville, Tennessee, United States #647544

we finally got this account closed and taken care of after many months of fighting. they ended up removing the fees and we have now closed the account for good. it took a long time for things to be corrected, but they finally were.

Dorr, Michigan, United States #602357

Over 3 hours late for work, I get paid on the 1st, not halfway through the 1st, peace out I'm done with 5/3!

Sunnyvale, California, United States #600968

5/3 bank routinely puts holds on deposited checks and direct deposits. They do this because during the time they hold the deposit, they earn interest on the value of the deposit.

They also routinely pull such stunts as holding back debits, then posting them all at once, and refusing to approve debit card transactions, or personal checks.

In the case of personal checks, they often let the transaction go through, but then deny or delay payment, so that they can charge you a fee, get a kickback from the retailer that also charges you a bounced check fee, and also make money on your hard-earned cash while they prevent you from using it.

Bottom line is, don't do business with ANY bank that holds your direct deposit, or won't honor your checks and debit transactions when you KNOW that they should. Don't argue with them, just leave them.


Strange, I have been with 3/3 for 20 years and never had a problem. I think we do not hear the whole story.

How can you get the wrong name on a credit card when you are the one that has to fill out the credit card request. Then again some people can never get anything right.

to cracker Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #602349

Fifth third does what they want too, like the other consumers, do not bank with fifth third! They do not even deposit my retirement check when it is suppose to be, it is suppose to be deposited on the 1'st of every month, fifth third does not deposit it until the 2'nd, I can recieve it my mail on the first!

I hate this bank, and they have caused me more trouble, than any other bank!

to cracker Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #644703

I have also had 5/3 accounts for many years, and still do. I have never paid a “regular” fee to 5/3, maybe because I knew their rules and played by them. The fees that I have paid for were for services, like wire transfers and again, I knew what the fee would be.

While I did close one of my accounts (which was just a general account that I kept little money in because of a lack of incentive to kept it there) to avoid paying fees, I still have my mortgage there as well as a couple other checking accounts and have had no issues. Believe me, I am planning to move these accounts just to get a better rate, not because of a bad experience.

5/3 should take note: I now have seven accounts with Ally Bank and I am very impressed. Unfortunately I feel that 5/3 outgrew me, little do they know……….

to cracker #779021

I have been with them over 6 1/2 had no problems with them.I bank with other institute as well and see the difference on 5/3 customer service (excellent )

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