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There are too many complaints to count but I will start with the smallest complaint first. I tried to obtain a mortgage loan through 5/3 bank and was pre- approved.

Had inspections done on the home, and an earnest deposit paid. 2 weeks before closing my loan fell through, 5/3's fault but they said "the computer told me you were approved" This ended Oct. 21st 2011. Fast forward to Dec.1 2011 I got my credit card statement which is through an entirely different bank, and I have a charge from 5/3 for some mortgage loan fee for $395 which I don't even know what it is for and I never once authorized this transaction.

They stole my credit card number from the information I gave them while trying to obtain a loan!! DO NOT BANK WITH THEM THEY ARE CROOKS!!!!!

I am not a bitter customer either because I was denied a loan, I have obtained the loan through another mortgage broker. I just want to pass this on so no one has to go through this awful experience!

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This was the worst dealings in my life with 5/3 bank. We have worked 4 months on a refinance loan which was going through 5/3 Bank Wholesale Division.

They kept asking for more information and finally after going on 4 months they said no. Strung us out for this long

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