I was a loyal 5/3 employee for 10+ years. 5/3 treats their customers just as bad as their employees. Horrible raises & horrible bosses. Saw MUCH unethical & fradulent behavior at the Cincinnati headquarters offices. I called the "ethics line" to report but it did no good. Human Resources backs the managers so that does no good either.

I find their customer service philosophy & corporate culture offensive & arrogant. They charge fees to make a profit. They are outsourcing to India!

For a complaint write to: Fifth Third Bank, Mr. Kevin Kabat, President & CEO, Office of the President Complaint, 5050 Kingsley Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio 45227.

DO NOT bank w 5/3!

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Gaylord, Michigan, United States #868720

I wrote complaint an was told I would have a letter addressed to me personally ! Well it's been 3 months Mr.

Kabat an NOTHING!!! After 25 or more years with old kent / 5/3 bank.

I feel you needed me when you started an now I need a LITTLE help an you seem to say "SORRY ABOUT YOUR LUCK " frankly that just don't cut it.


Another small business in Michigan!!!!

Columbus, Ohio, United States #803214

I feel that 5/3 treats there customer so rude..everyone does not.ateal. I have compliants filed.with Kevin office.no one.never.returns.my.Call. this is.very un.professional


I work for 5/3 and have never been asked to do anything unethical! I work in NC and have a great DM and Branch Manager. I am surprised by these comments.


I was an employee at 5/3 for 17 1/2 years who was fired for not being unethical, of course that is not why they say the fired me. I had excellent reviews every year, so my regional moved me to a branch where the manager would get rid of me.

Wrote me up after 2 days for not living up to expectations, and then fired me 6 weeks later! Well I should have known when my regional told me two separate things, " I admire your integrity, but the bottom line is you have to make your sales goals" and "Anything you can do to get a sale is fine by me". All I can say is ask questions BEFORE you sign anything . One thing that he wanted Us to do was sneak credit card applications into loan closings and not tell customers!

Another thing was to sign a paper to prove the teller spoke to you about a certain product, but it rePly signed you up for it! Just be careful when dealing with 5/3!

to Former employee Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #658556

I also got fired for not performing unethical sales and other things. I was fired after questioning my manager about running credit checks for her friend.

Her friend owned some apartment buildings and wanted to know if her prospects had good credit, high balances, savings accounts, loans, credit cards, and bounced checks.

My manager came back from medical leave on Monday August 9th, and I asked her what was going on, I was fired by that Friday. :(


I'm sure the local branches and bank employees get a lot of he77 from customers because of corporate. It's surprising you stayed with them for ten years.

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