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I recently deposited a check into my Fifth third bank account for $500. a couple of days later I look at my account a find that it is overdrawn by $500,00.00.

I didn't panic right away I call the banking center. When I speak to the fraud protection department they tell me that I have to call a specific branch and talk to the Lady that put the this particular hold on my account. So, they also inform me that this was just a measure to freeze the account so they can close the account. Now I'm getting upset.

I inquire as to why the account of about a month old is being closed. No one can tell me this, I'm instructed to call this lady at a particular branch. I attempt to call this lady at the branch and mind you this isn't the branch where I opened my account. Now, to add insult to injury the lady that I need to speak with at the branch is not in today.

Wow, so I ask if there is a manager on duty that can help me. Another young lady who introduces herself as the other young lady's manager tells me that she could not help me either. I'm stunned, concerned because my work check is hitting the bank and being absorbed by this ridiculous overdraft amount and No one can tell me why and where it's coming from. I can't use my bank card to pay for my train fare, I can't buy my plate sticker to drive my car and all fifth third is saying is that I need to talk to this lady.

I finally get the manager to tell me that the lady must have found cause to believe the check was fraudulent. I ask why. Yes, you guessed it, I need to talk to the lady and she's not here. so, I call the issuing bank of the check with the account number on the check and the amount and other pertinent information on the check so I could verify it myself.

yes, I was able to verify the funds through that banking institution, why could fifth third??? I don't know. These back and forth conversations go on for about next four hours until the manager finally calls me back and tells me that she called and had the funds verified and I was good to go....

Now, after all of that I have an entire days of work and pay. But, they are sorry for the inconvenience.

- Five Hundred Thousand in the Hole

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