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First of all, 53 bank uses a largest to smallest policy when debiting charges from your account.

This means that if you have 100 dollars in your account, then make 3 chargers in the order $50, $10, $100, you will not be charged the expected 1 overdraft for the $100 you spent but did not have.

Instead, the bank will rank your debits largest to smallest so that they can charge you for 3 $40 overdraft fees, and ten a daily fee for every day you do not reconsile the debt.

That said, it seems to be a good idea to get overdraft protection.

If you go in to get overdraft protection they will set up a savings account for you for this purpose, but then they will not set up the automatic overdraft protection unless you come in a second time to set that up.

Do NOT assume that when you say, "I would like to open a savings account for the purpose of overdraft protection" that they will set up over draft protection. That would make wayyyy to much sense.

Then, when the overdraft problem occurs a second time, and you, pissed that you are not protected resolve the issue and close your account, they will act like everything is fine and closed after FORCING you to rehash the same old story to all three of their managers as to why you want to leave the bank.

"Finally! I am away from that bank!" you think. But no. Instead they reopen the account and start charging almost $200 worth of overdrafts when a check that they said in the closing meeting had cleared, doesn't really clear until that night.

Now, a credit collection company has been contacted, and you are left to sort out what happed. Calling the bank results in the "Oops, there must have been a glitch in the system. We dont' know why this check didn't show up in your statement, or why the overdraft notice never got to you." Thanks alot Shaun.

So now, I finally have recieved a letter so that I can clear this up before my credit is shot! That is after at least 2 hours of phone calls, faxes, and emails to every party involved, since I have to be the middle man to get an error in their system resolved even though I was never at fault!

Wow, "glitches" can be great.

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