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53 bank has charged me 890.00 in over draft fees. When it all started with a 109.00 over draft and the would take my deposit and just keep bouncing.

They are terrible. I have spoke with them several times. I am Handicap and they know I cannot come in to tell me this to my face. They should at least put my deposits first then post the charges after the deposits, but is guess then they would be missing out on all there over draft fees, This is stealing as far as I am concerned.

I refuse to pay them for their mistakes. This should be a crime.

Review about: Fifth Third Bank Deposit.

Monetary Loss: $890.

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Venice, Florida, United States #740414

Well I finally got my account closed. My husband went in and gave them close to 2,000 dollars.

If it were not such a hassle we should have taken them to court.

Then I went in and signed off. I was told it was completely closed only to find out the took my social security check.. Even though the account was closed ...I went to get the SS and they gave me half of it.

They said they found more I owed.

How could they if the account was closed. They stole from me.

Cordele, Georgia, United States #731902

5th 3rd took iver my job when k-t capital out of atlanta bankrupt it. 5-3 said they would pay us our back pay they did not.

They brought us in and promised they would pay us for our time if we come in and work.

They did not. They are thieves and worse then any bank in the coutry.

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