I have a car loan with Fifth Third Bank. I didn't have car insurance (and didn't know I was taken off the policy by a family member) so the bank (WITHOUT NOTICE) adds insurance to the account. Upon realization, I immediately enroll in auto insurance. The month (or so) that I did not have insurance, they said they would back track and not charge me when I did enroll (Call on 3/14/14 with employee number E947684 witness available) Later, I find a charge on the account, when confronted, they say it was a misunderstanding, they will not back track, and that I did have to pay for that month (discrepancy in their communication #1) My loan increased. I applied for a hardship loan. It was approved, except I had to pay off the remainder of the insurance toll added to the account. (said will mail me a denied letter DID NOT RECEIVE.) Called back, ready to pay the insurance toll (6/6/14) and they said there was no such thing as paying off the insurance, and it must be paid in installments within the loan (discrepancy in their communication #2) Get your account up to date, they said, and we'll continue the approval process for the application without having to pay off the insurance, and not having to submit another application since it's under 30 days. A week later, on the phone the representative says I must resubmit an application.(discrepancy in their communication #3)

They responded to the above complaint I sent to the FDIC. With 25 dollars.

I want them to take that 25 dollars and shove it up where the sun don't shine.

As soon as this car is paid off, I will swear on my life to never use this bank again.

Review about: Fifth Third Bank Loan.

Monetary Loss: $29000.

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