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OK.. So get to the LAST page in my Car payment book... It says to call this number at 5th 3rd to get the final payment amount... I did..

Payment was slightly lower than my monthly car payment. :) ... I send in that payment and assumed BINGO... Car is paid off. ...

Fast forward 1 1/2 months and I get a letter in the mail saying I owe almost $1100 for the final payment and its due in two weeks or I will get charged extra late fees!... What a bunch of BULL ***! ... Why is the final payment OVER TWICE what the normal monthly payment is? ... Why did THEIR AUTOMATED SYSTEM give me the amount it did, then want more later... Its a bunch of ***...

I called them to try to sort it out.. Big surprise.. They say say that I owe this $1100 and they have no record or proof that the other amount was given to me. And there is NOTHING they can do and that the amount owed. ... 5th 3rd SUCKS! ...

If you have a car payment with them and your near your final payment... Call the automated number they give you.. AND RECORD THE CALL! Otherwise they will pull the same BS with you as they did me. ...


And I LOVE the fact that this P. Brian Moore whos name is on this *** letter can not be gotten a hold of... No email address anywhere... No one will connect you to him...

EVERYONE STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM 5TH 3RD BANK NO MATER WHY!... DO NOT get a Credit Card from them, don't do a car loan with them, do not get a house loan with them, Don't even get a checking or savings account with them. ... If this is how they treat someone who has ALWAYS paid they payment on time... Think how they treat others! ...

5th 3rd YOU SUCK ***!

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Yes I totally agree. I have a car loan through them (not by choice) I tried to make a payment and they said I have a block on my account.

They then sent me to customer service, after the 4th person I talked to, no one could figure out why there was a block. I use bill pay through my bank which is what they have on file yet they cant take payments out of it.

If you get behind they are on your *** You say you can make a certain amount and it's like they dont or wont take it unless you pay what they want. This is the WORSE WORSE place I've ever had to deal with.dont ever go through them.


I have the SAME issues!!! I am refinancing my house because A BANK cannot manage my damn money...pathetic!!


Not real happy with them either. Recently moved to Indiana where my bank that I've been dealing with for years doesn't have any offices.

(Comerica). I loved dealing with Comerica and wish I still could. I opened an account at 5/3 and deposited an insurance check for a refund from my auto insurance that I'd received when I canceled my account in Michigan. They sure let me deposit the check then I got a letter in the mail from P.

Brian Moore that they're holding the check for 13 days to make sure it clears.

Nothing I can do. They say it's because it's a new account.


This is the 3rd time I have got an overdraft notice and penalized because they say I have NSF even though I make sure the money for my mortgage is in my checking by the first of the month.

GRRRRRRR Need to have my mortgage bought about by somebody who knows what the *** they are doing.


I'm in the same boat!

Terrible Bank! No respect for their customers...

My issue deals with auto bill pay! I'm beyond furious

Never again work with then


This bank should be investigated and closed down they were already sued and the consumers won, I know this because i won back 73 dollars of the 2,500 they charged me in crazy fees, that still to this day the details are sketchy, my problem with them now,is that they will not take my ex husband's name off the title to my home even tho he filed bankrupty in 05 and i haven'nt missed a payment his bankrupty has been paid off and they still wont take his name off my house,even with a quick claim deed,the people who work at tahat bank are morons. If you have a horror story please share it with us, the more the merrier and strength comes in numbers

Thanks REM


Yes fifth third bank YOU SUCK! Paid out my car loan off early.

They could not find the title after 5 or 6 calls so they gave me the paid off letter so I can go get a dup title. At an additional cost of $25.00.

Never again will I use these people. They SUCK!!


I concur on the Brian Moor comments. I tried to contact Mr. Moor e twice today. This man is a ghost. I was so angry with the bank today that I hung up twice on them. I wanted to contact Brian Moore because I have gotten tired of dealing with insubordinate incapable clerks and managers.

All I got was the run around. If this man is important enough to put his name on the bottom of my letters that come to my house, he should also be important enough to care about what I have to say.

I have placed a lock on one of my credit card limits 3 times and 3 times I have had notes put in this account that the limit will not be raised without my permission, well yesterday I got a another increase. The increase is not what upset me so much, it was the fact that they did not listen. I am so angry that there are so many who will not listen to their customers (which are always right LOL)

I would close out all my accounts over this trivial issue, if I thought It would make a difference, truth be told I am a small fish in a big pond.

Brian your day is coming and I am not the judge, remember God see and judges all.

Good job Brian u suck


I closed out my account because the entire staff at the small branch turned over at least three times in the five years I banked there. New clerks were always being trained by management trainees that had no clue.

Bank policy changed based on which incompetent person waited on you. I heard they were expanding and can't imagine how much worse this trainwreck is going to get in the future.

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