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To Whom-ever it may concern;

This is my second written correspondence related to this subject, countless phone conversations, and physical attempts to address in person at my local branch. Please share this letter with whom-ever can participate in resolution.

Before I get started it is a mystery how your bank is able to stay in business with the business processes that you have. I have closed a dozen accounts with your bank including checking, saving, credit cards, lines of credit, mortgages, etc. Let me be perfectly clear…. I closed these accounts because over the last 10 years your services & processes have gone from excellent to ***.

I now turn to the issue at hand. I quit using the credit card account xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx earlier in 2011, if not before. An online vendor charge occurred after the card expiration date. The charge should not have been approved or paid by 5th 3rd Bank and is unauthorized by me. Reverse the payment to the vendor and close the account.

I have attempted to close the account various times prior to the charge occurring. However, your processes are so poor and anti-customer that it was impossible to do. This is a form of entrapment at best.

Professionally, I am a consultant with expertise in business process improvement, Lean & Six Sigma transformations, and quality processes… I highly recommend that 5th 3rd invest in some internal reflection and external consultants.

Review about: Fifth Third Bank Checking Account.

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Chicago, Illinois, United States #1253334

I had it happen to me too ! My accout actually went negative because the dispute was over a thousand dollars, then I racked up overdraft fee's and everything .

It's ridiculous, Fifth third is the only Bank that has this process for customers that dispute a charge on their account . WTF , I'm in total and complete awww over this whole situation .

Cape Coral, Florida, United States #956905

Fifth Third Bank Debit Card, is more concerned about scammers well being than their customers well being, they side on the scammers, rather than their customers, what is wrong with them? I am so stressed out right now, I probably should not even be leaving this review, but if you are looking for a good quality banking company, are there any left? Keep looking!!!!!

to Anonymous #1243841

Kemba Financial credit Union always reverses any dispute I have. I have no complaints with them at all - plus is your debit/credit card needs to be replaced because of the dispute - they do it right there - no waiting for it in the mail!


I agree the dispute department is a joke. I was told they would allow me to put in a dispute even though it was over 90 days old.

After 6 months of numerous phone calls and numerous people working on the problem and a constant loss of documents even faxed from one of their own branches I was told dispute denied for being too old. I already knew that from the beginning! What were they doing? I still to this day have no documentation of why the company refused to refund.

Fifth Third told me I have to go after the company myself. What do they think I was doing for the past 6 months!

I had to fight the company that scammed me as well as the bank. Biggest waste of time ever!

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