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5th 3rd bank employees lied to me about my deposit and auto payment. The employee assured me that everything would be fine. next thing you know they are charging me fees that i was assured would not be charged.

5th 3rd also set me up for a free overdraft protection plan only. The plan was set up and even used once. Then later they tell me they never should have set me up on the overdraft plan because i did not have automatic deposits. You would think employees setting up the plan would have known the rules.

I also heard a 5th 3rd employee at a branch office tell a customer that he would not get any overdraft fees because his card would not allow overdrafts. I dont believe this to be true. I think that customer is in for a rude awakening.

5th 3rd bank is the worst bank i have ever dealt with and i am currently doing business with two other banks and the are not nearly as terrible as 5th 3rd. There conduct borders on criminality

Patrick M.

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This bank is the worst I have ever had an account at, between fee's and general errors.

Deposits noted as debits and they call me by the wrong name every time I go in there.

Stay far away from this bank

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