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There are two fifth third banks in jasper indiana, a north and south branch. I have dealt with both in the last 10 years and for the most part the peopel who work there are rude, crude, careless and unhelpful.

One woman at the north side branch made a rude comment about some personal doings of mine where i had to get some papers notorized. She made me feel like a second class citizen and i had done nothing except follow the law.

The people at fifth third in jasper indiana cannot call you back when they say they will. They are lousy at keeping appointments.

Most of them tend to be rude, snotty and snobbish. I highly reccomend doing business with some other bank beside 5th 3rd in jasper indiana.

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I'm sorry for what they are putting you though. Everyone has tough times and people with attitude problems make things a thousand times worse.

In the past, I've had to rely on foodbanks, so this year, a group of friends and I thought we'd give back.

Do you know something? Sometimes charities are snobby to the donors, too!

I just got off the phone with an area foodbank. They wrote on a website that they wanted a piece of expensive equipment, we thought we could buy it at a discount so I called to try to get a feel for what they wanted. The guy snapped at me and made a snotty comment about how tired he was and how I was trying to get him to do the work for me. I was simply trying to get a feel for what they needed!

I never met the man. He has issues. That foodbank is not getting my money or time. There are so many positive and wonderful people in the world, another truly positive organization will get the funds.

I want to wish you the best of luck. May you prosper so much that this experience will soon be a thing of the past for you.

Take care.

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