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Our house is a sink hole house. I asked Fifth Third to come to mediation with me with the insurance company, they refused. Okay, so I get $80K dollars and ask the bank, if I endorse it over to you, what are you going to do wtih the money. They simply ignore my request for information. I sink every dime I have into making the home liveable again, so the children and I don't have to stay in a homeless shelter, and the bank tells me, when the repairs are complete they will release the money! What construction company is going to do sink hole repairs without a dime?

I was told that I have no business talking to them about the house, because I am not on the mortgage, (my husband is), and they say,well, we can't tell if you are on the title or not, (which I am) because we are not allowed to speak to the tax department.

I called Freddie Mac (1-800-Freddie) who says the bank is the servicer and they are the lender, they tell me, that the bank needs to resolve the issue. The bank says that Freddie needs to resolve the issue. Meanwhile, my life is so screwed up because of all of this, I can't work, until the repairs are in progress, and money that comes in is going to fixing a house, that I don't know if we will be able to live in.

They say the house is in foreclosure, yet, the checks for $80K were issued back in February. I endorsed over one of the checks, multiple claims, for $69K, and in the meantime, they are not doing anything at all.

I can't wait to get to foreclosure court, to tell them, hey we have $60K in escrow, and they won't make repairs and meantime there are new cracks and damage to the house. Plus we no longer have homeowners insurance, so if someone gets hurt, while the bank sits on it's laurals... we can get sued.

Or, as there is a new sinkhole next door, when the rainy season arrives... well, our home could be one huge 4 acre hole in the ground with a custom home right in the middle.

What do you think? Do I have a right to be upset with Fifth Third? All I want is for them to release the necessary funds to start repairs on the house.

And if someone knows a good personal injury attorney, we probably need them. Emotionally, I am devastated, that no one at that bank has demonstrated the ability to make a decision to help me, or fix the house.

If things go bad, they will get what they deserve. Meanwhile, my husband is living with his girlfriend in a nearby town, and doesn't care about it. In divorce court he told the judge he forgot he had a house!

Don't you think I have a right to be upset? I'm gonna need counseling when this is over... KWIM?


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Please contact the Merlin Law Group in Tampa FLorida...if anyone can help you..they can..and they often times take no money in advance on cases like this.They are very good at what they do.

If you would like to talk more you can emailme at

I had a nightmare with my insurance company over claims after a fire and a water damaged basement.They advice was of enormous value in settling my claim rights.


Thanks Andrew! I'm just at a loss, Fifth Third blames the delays on Freddie Mac and visa versa. Meanwhile, I'm in the middle of a ridiculous divorce, husband committed bigamy and the state attorney won't prosecute. I can't work because this isn't a stable home with everything that's going on, and I'm struggling to get my MBA.

I'm ready to throw up my hands and just walk away, I'm not getting any support from anyone, not the bank, not the almost ex husband and not my farm hand.

Thanks for rooting for me!


Lynn - stumbled upon ur note. Keep the faith. You will get through this.

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