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I have contacted Fifth Third bank 5 times( in the past 6 weeks) trying to receive the title to my car after paying my loan.

I have been told 5 different stories from: we do not issue titles ( ?!!) to we sent the title to we will send the title.

I am now contacting the FDIC , OCC and others as I feel 5/3 eilther needs to send me my title or the $95 I need to pay for a duplicate.

Never had this problem with Harris Bank!

Never get a loan through 5/3. This is unacceptable behavior for a company of this size.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fifth Third Bank Loan.

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Thank you for this I am having the same problem. Bad customer service


I'm in the same situation. Trying to register my out-of-state car in Florida and I can't get this mysterious fax number. If anyone knows it would you please post it.Thanks.

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #777649

I'm trying to register my car in a different state after moving there. The MVD can not register without the title and 5/3 will not sent it to them. Therefor, I can not register my car in the state that I live in.

to Anonymous Miami, Florida, United States #940956

I am in the same situation. Florida needs a fax number but this bank wants to charge $50 for them to give me a fax number.

I have been in halt for the past 4 months!!!!!

I am freaking out because I need my car papers in order and I have done everything in my power to do things right and I am still on the losing end. I don't know what to do =(


I too am going through the same runaround and lies about my title for 3 months now. I have been told it was sent but to wrong zip code, it was returned and sent out again, and with wrong zip code again.

Utterly ridiculous and obviously fabricated stories. I am going to file complaints as well with the FDIC and Federal Reserve. No idea how to ever get my title back.

Not sure how to even get a duplicate from DMV without a release of lien. They told me they would send a release of lien twice now but I wouldn't hold my breath.


Paid car off, no title after a year. Called customer service they said contact the branch, the branch said the dmv, the dmv said the state.

State said the bank had the title. Now when I called again today they said they mailed it out, so they dont have it anymore. No proof or signature required.

Now I'll have to pay for a new one. Thanks for nothing 5/3 !

to P.O. Dude #1546398

That is EXACTLY what happened to me!!


I paid my TD auto loan three months early and waited for my title. After a month I called them, they said even though paid off, there was $300 residual payoff remaining.

How could this be? I told them this is the first bank I have dealt with that you have to pay more additional money once the loan was paid! That is shady, unethical and borders on illegal. So I sent in the payment (more like a ransom you have to pay to get the title) and am awaiting the title, which they mail out within 5 - 10 business days supposedly.

I am contacting the Federal Reserve, they have an online complaint system, I am going to file a complaint against the bank for ripping me off. Stay away from this immoral, unethical, shady lender.

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