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am looking for any 5/3 customers who has been wronged by this bank like I have been. Maybe we can get a class action lawsuit going on against them.

I am definitely seeking legal advice. In December 2016, my father passed away and I had to attend his funeral in January 2017. I reserved a room at the Residence Inn in Norfolk, Virginia through Priceline. The day I was flying out, Delta overbooked 2 flights.

My original flight was supposed to leave at 10:30am but after sitting in the airport for 5 hours, they decided that the only way to get me to VA that night was to change my route. Instead of flying into ATL and then to Norfolk, I had to fly into NYC. I get into NYC and they determine they have a check and balance issue with the plane and they have to redirect me to Richmond, VA. I fly into Richmond and get there about 12am and was told ALL of my luggage was at the Norfolk airport.

I finally reach the hotel after waiting for someone to come and get me because hot wire refused to change my rental car pick up or honor the reservation because I had to pick the car up in Richmond and return it in Norfolk instead of picking it up and returning it in Norfolk. I get to Norfolk's airport and the office is CLOSED. I could literally see my luggage through the glass door. A TSA agent told me the office opens around 7am.

I get to the hotel and they say that they cancelled my reservation because I was so late. Mind you, I had already prepaid for the hotel room on my capital one credit card. I call priceline and they told me if I showed the hotel check in my airline tickets that they would reset the reservation. I gave the desk clerk the tickets, she calls priceline back and I get the confirmation email.

The hotel tells me that I have to put a deposit down. I use my 5/3 debit card because my wallet was in my luggage at the airport. I check out the hotel the following day and was told my deposit would be refunded in around 2 business days. I check my account and the hotel refunded the deposit but then charged me 3 nights at their regular room rates although I was only there for 1 night.

I contacted the hotel, they directed me to priceline, Priceline confirmed my reservation and directed me back to the hotel, the hotel tells me that they didn't charge me and to contact the bank to release the hold. I called 5/3 bank and they opened a dispute. I submitted both reservations, the receipt and the statement from capital one showing the charge and it was never returned. 5/3 issued a provisional credit.

A few weeks later I get documents in the mail showing that 5/3 contacted the merchant and told them in the documents that I PAID CASH. The merchant rebuttals and says I didn't pay them in cash so the charge must be valid because they didn't see my payment. OF COURSE THEY DIDN'T RECEIVE A CASH PAYMENT FROM ME. 5/3 had the nerve to resolve the dispute in their favor and refused to give them MY MONEY.

The credit would be reversed in 5 days. I called the bank and spoke to several supervisors who indeed confirmed the dispute was handled incorrectly and confirmed that they could even see my documents that I provided that showed that even if they were going to charge me, they didn't even charge me what I reserved the room for. I was assured that the credit wouldn't be reversed. Six weeks later, I am at the gas pump and my car is declined.

I check my account and I am negative over $400.00 because 5/3 reversed the credit. I called the bank and they apologized and promised to take care of it. The money would be refunded and the bank would write it off. I should see my money within 3 to 5 business days.

Weeks went by and after numerous calls and numerous hours on the phone with endless broken promises I have still not received my money back. I have incurred so many additional fees because I had to buy money orders, cash my check and pay fees to Wells fargo because I don't have an account there, withdraw money from my savings and get hit with fees from the other bank and 5/3 as well for using a non 5/3 bank atm. It has been a nightmare. I tried to open up another bank account but was turned down because they say that I owe 5/3 bank.

It has been 6 months and I don't know what else to do. Anyone had this happen?

Product or Service Mentioned: Fifth Third Bank Deposit.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Half of this "complaint" is due to not understanding how reservations, credit holds, and the world in general work for travel. The rest of it is by no means enough for a "class action suit".

Attempts to collect a debt have to be proven, or they can be removed from your credit report for the lender's failure, albeit a bothersome dispute process. Live and learn is the lesson here, and listen to people who know more about life than your peers.

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