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Got a credit card. Activated card.

Wrote everything down that had to do with sign on and all correct addresses, pw, and ID. All my secret questions. My due date was scheduled even though there had been NO credit card usage. I used my card 5 days before their preempted scheduled date.

They charged me a late fee, banged my credit score for non payment, and the actual payment should have been with the next months payment date. They didn't care that they were a little early in issuing a late charge on a charge that was not late & barely cleared to be included in their system. I went to my budget book with all my info written down to get on line, and I was told that all my info was invalid. We then called.

They said we owed. We knew we owed for the purchase, But certainly no late fee since it the next due date had not even arrived. They did not care and then sent me on to 3 more people to re-create an online account. Exactly like the first one i created.

All the secret questions and everything. Made the payment. Next due date came around and I attempted to go on line to make my payment a week before the due date. I was once again told info not valid.


Called them. They had to verify that it was me. Went thru that and another 4 people. Hostile by this point.

Paid it off. Got a new bill for interest for the time between the last payment (made on Time with hassle) and this new month due date. So basically there was an interest posting for the monthly plus additional fees for late payment. Got NO on line notification I had signed up for, no statement in the mail, and they would not take my money to pay and get rid of them.

I just wanted out of their shiesty system. It is like you are caught up in a loop. They are charging late fees on interest & still won't take my money. Each time my once prestine credit report was going down quickly costing me more money with everyday life that is based on your credit rating.

Like car insurance. PLEASE DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS BANK. File a complaint with the government and make copies of everything.

This bank should be put out of business and a class action law suit should be filed. Sarcastic

Product or Service Mentioned: Fifth Third Bank Online Banking.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Fifth third, Awful customer service, Poor web site poor service no follow through on payments, Not professional.

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