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I opened an account with Fifth Third about a year ago and at that time they introduced me to their "Access 360 reloadable card" service. Ever since then, i have had nothing but trouble with this reloadable card service.

They regularly block the card for random reasons, for example, right after receiving the cards, my wife went to Florida with my two daughters and they got stranded there because Access 360 decided to block the card for NO reason. I had to send them money from Indiana where we live, just to get them home. The most recent *** that Access 360 has caused is to suddenly freeze the account, and block MY access from over $400 on the card. I cannot get ANYBODY to tell me why.

My wife was christmas shopping and transferred the funds to the card so i couldnt see where she was buying my presents from. When she got to the checkout, she was told the card was declined and to talk the bank. We called Access 360 and they said they could only see that those funds were frozen and sent to the "Disputes dept" and we would need to talk to the bank. So we went to our local Fifth Third branch, and we were told by them that they had nothing to do with the activity on the Access 360 cards.

They told us that Access 360 was a seperate entity and they can't control or even see what they are doing with the account. My wife and i spent a good portion of an afternoon with the branch manager trying to get some answers. Even when the branch manager had Access 360 on speaker phone with us, the representative from 360 kept saying that yes, they could see the money was frozen, but could not see why, or who decided to freeze the account. We have had ZERO disputes on this card.

We are not having ANY problems with any sort of fraud on this card. We did not request an investigation of any sort regarding ANY transactions on this card. However Access 360 suddenly blocked access to the monies on the card and NO ONE can tell us why. I have, in good faith, entrusted over $400 of my hard earned money with this company called Access 360 and they have TAKEN it from me and not given me one single reason why they did so.

They refuse to tell me WHO did it, WHY they did it, and WHEN i can expect it back. Does this not define stealing? To take something that belongs to someone else without their knowledge. To block access to the money that i work hard for everyday.

To do so with NO explanation. Access 360 says talk to Fifth Third. Fifth Third says talk to Access 360. All i want is my money back.

When did it become OK in this country to take money from someone with no explanation as to why? I dont have any loans. I own my cars, and my house. I don't use credit cards, only debit cards, so i cant get into debt like so many others.

LET ME BE CLEAR, NO ONE HAS A CLAIM TO THAT MONEY EXCEPT THE PERSON WHO EARNED IT! But Access 360 decided they want to hold on to it for no reason. Is that not fraud? Is that not theft?

I hold Fifth Third just as responsible as Access 360. I did not request a reloadable card from 360, nor did i particularly want a card. But the bank that i chose to trust to help me make wise decisions with my finances and my families financial future chooses to do business with this fraudulent company that steals money from their clientele. So *** yes i hold Fifth Third just as responsible.

I also dont appreciate receiving letters in the mail from a fake person named P. Brian Moore Senior Vice President. Who is this person? No one can tell me how to contact thia man.

He is a ghost. All of my inquiries as to who he is, what he does, or what dept he is "Senior Vice President" of, go unanswered. Fifth Third and Access 360 have stolen my money.

At least if someone off the street tried to rob me, i could go to the police. I have no one to turn to when a financial institution robs me.

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That post is too long to read In its entirety. Why not just carry some cash and quit getting screwed by some complicated card baloney ?

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