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I agree with Markpamh...I returned an item to a store for a credit back on my debit card. At the same time I made a purchase for the same amount and at the same store.

The transaction took place on a Saturday. Monday a.m. the debit on the card showed up so I called the store. Assured me the credit went through as it was the first transaction!!!

Not until midnight on June 1 did the credit show up. If I didn't have the money to cover the purchase there would have been an overdraft fee. Forget that the credit to the account transaction took place before the sale!!! I have had overdraft fees for as little as a $3.00 overcharge before a direct deposit payroll check would go in at midnight.

The bank knows when those deposits are going to be made.

Thieves using the overdraft as the "gun". This is greed, unethical business practice and theft...white collar kind.

Review about: Fifth Third Bank Deposit.

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Good report...horrible customer service. Not the First Charter Bank it swallowed!!

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