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Fifth Third bank tried to sell me Fannie Mae.Promised me an impossible return of 17 per cent the first year.

To date I would have lost 70 per cent of my assets had I had been *** enough to buy. I no longer have my still intact assets in banking.

Their securities guy found out how much assets I had and was falling all over himself trying to get me to put ALL of my assets into Fannie Mae.I will return my assets to banking ONLY when enough laws have been passed to prevent *** bankers from playing in the ponzi scams.

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Well I'm here to tell you they got me, and I just now sold my wonderful CD they talked me into (for seven years)and since 9-26-10 I have lost over $8600. Of course like you said they knew how much I had, and that I always did things with my kids, but would not add their names as part owners, like I ask but that we could put it on POD, instead they put TOD. I trusted the girl I was working with, and didn't read anything before signing as usual, and that's how I was taken

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It sounds like you don't understand what he was trying to sell you.No investment rep would spend their time trying to sell you Fannie Mae stock because they wouldn't get paid on it.

It was more likely a Fannie Mae CMO. Had you bought a Fannie Mae bond any time in the last several years you would be sitting on a very nice gain right now.

NONE HAVE GONE DOWN IN VALUE OVER THIS PERIOD.In addition, if you held the bond to maturity you would be guaranteed(implied backing of US Government) not to lose money.

That being said, no reputable investment advisor should or could promise you a return that high and you would be right to avoid that advisor.

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