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I received an excellent Christmas gift from 5/3 Bank this morning, $69 over draft fee for an overdraft amount of 97 cents! Since they waived a fee for me already they will do nothing to reduce this amount.

This is how they work, I had three debit charges and miscalculated by the 97 cents. So receive overdraft charge of $33, ridiculous but my screw up lesson learned to keep track of every penny. Did not have the funds to take care of this but knew a direct deposit would be made within the week and would take care of the problem ( and no other pending charges). Received an overdraft fee notice on the 23rd stating I had until the 23rd to pay the fee or they begin adding $6 a day on top of the overdraft amount Direct deposit would be in the next day, could not really afford it but fine another $6,all would be cleared a day later. Receive a call from the bank about the overdraft and I tell them I am aware of the charge find it ridiculous that it was for the 97 cents, get a smug oh I know that hurts especially at this time of the year from the teller. No mention of the $6 a day additional fee. Check my account this morning to find another $36 fee taken from my account. I call and am told that the $6 is retro active from the first day of the overdraft. when I state I was not told this when I opened my account of course the answer is, it's stated in the paperwork you are given, same smug, sickening voice as the day before I let her know I will be closing my account, okay she says and I hang up before I can say somethings I would possibly be arrested for. Call the 800 customer service number, and receive the same information, I truly believe in order to work for a bank they hire those with the same personality, no mind to think, just the ability to give out the same information fed to them by greedy bank CEO's, which are again receiving more bailout money, hmmmm guess their bonuses were not big enough.

To say I am disgusted is putting it mildly, once again they have the little guy where they want them and are shoving it up our *** once again.

Be warned and make sure you know exactly what you will be charged for overdraft fees or they will have you in just the same way bent over and stuffed hard.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fifth Third Bank Deposit.

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They are the worst bank ever. They will hold a CASH deposit to cause your debits to overdraft your account.

Yes they did that to us. Not mention the over 100 Grand they STOLE from my 86 yr old grandma down in Cinci.

Her lawyer advised her and his other clients to move all of their $ to a different bank.

This bank needs shut down!


They are the worst bank ever. They will hold a CASH deposit to cause your debits to overdraft your account.

Yes they did that to us. Not mention the over 100 Grand they STOLE from my 86 yr old grandma down in Cinci.

Her lawyer advised her and his other clients to move all of their $ to a different bank.

This bank needs shut down!


Please join a Occupy movement near you. You can give sleeping bags but you time is needed even for a few hours any and all is needed to fix the problems. Please give your time.


Don't let your account get down to zero and these things do not happen. Obamanomics at it's best


Just wanted to let others know that as of last month I received a letter in the mail stating a class action law suit has been filed against 5/3 for some of their fraudlent policies. Do not have the information with me but I am sure you can fnd it online- make sure you are included so they can pay back fees they wrongfully took from you


5/3 is a rip off i had fraudulent activity on my account and just to find that the bank would do nothing to correct it. I am starting to believe that they are not willing to fix it because one of the people at the branch is behind it why else would they be so unwilling to help a customer


I was removed yesterday by police at he Lewis Center OH location.Instead of the personal banker getting me a manager to talk to. They placed a rico hold ( which the law is 10K and applies to money laundering) on my insurance settlement from totaling my car.

The amount of the check was approx. 3200.00 Not only did they hold these funds but also the funds that were in the account when I deposited the check. I told him I wanted to close my account. They needed to give me the check I deposited or the balance of my account!

I am a single mother, no child support, no help from anyone every dollar counts. Was this man that intimidated by me wanting what was rightfully mine? What was I going to do hold him up with a cell phone?

Americans have no rights anymore when the police department can help a bank rob you of your money! Who protects the consumer any more ?

How can corprate America get away with holding your money for 2 weeks against your will? It is laughable that if you try to close your account they call the police. LMAO!

My child will not have a Thanksgiving Turkey today! You can believe the fat cats that run this bank were able to feed there children!

To all those hurting from fifth third (close out your accounts and let them go to collections. There is nothing they can get you on)!!

When there money accounts r getting bad an serious laugh. That's what they do to us everyday.
Calling an old man an ***? when you work for the company? Man im so lucky i don't know you, cuz you would not want to know me.

Its youre evil way's that people can't afford things' in the first place. You know it's really sad acutally..... Wait NO....it's so funny i'm LMAO.....

your'e gonna be doing the same thing in a few months because of your'e companys money account and stock issue's.......no wonder you have nothing better else to do, than call name's on one of your own customer.
I can't wait till judgement day for you, than let's see who is the worried one. :grin :p ;) 8)

omg I cant stand that bank!! Same thing happened to me.

I get a letter in the mail over 97 cents and they said I owe them 113.00 dollars. They charge 8 dollars per day with an initial 25. fee. I about fainted!!

They are rude in customer service to!! I called very nicely asked about my account and after talking with the gal for 5 minutes she just simply hangs up on me. I call back get someone else who choose to be polite and still I owe the fees. Dont bank there people!!

Bad news!! Midland Michigan


This is how they work:

You have $ 100.00 in your account in the morning, and you spent that day in the following sequence:$5.00, $10.00, $ 20.00, $15.00, and last you made a mistake by spending $51.00 with an overdraft of $1.00

They process it by keeping both a ledger or available balance(L) and a real balance(R):


-$95.00 (L), $100.00(R)

-$85.00(L), $100.00(R)

-$65.00(L), $100.00(R)

-$50.00(L), $100.00(R)

-$1.00 overdraft because the ledger says so.

Next day they process payments from the real, high to low this way:

-You over drafted so $33.00 penalty plus the $51.00 leaves you with $16.00

-Minus $20.00 minus $33.00(ov. fee) you have minus $37.00

-Minus $15.00 minus $33.00(ov. fee) you have minus $85.00

-Minus $10.00 minus $33.00(ov. fee) you have minus $128.00

-Minus $5.00 minus $33.00(ov. fee) you have now minus $166.00

So you spent one dollar over you available balance at the end of the day, and when you wake up you find you are $166.00 in the hole


Yes, this is true, I found out the hard way. Fifth 3rd Bank Takes the LARGEST Charge, and clears it first.... and then clears all the small ones.... so if 5 overdraft its between 25 - 38.00 per overdraft, even if its only 2.00, .75 cents, or whatever... even if they are debit charges, and a large check clears.

They will NOT EVER reverse charges either.... PLUS PLUS PLUS - they charge 6.00 or 8.00 everyday until you get the balance positive.

I had 30.00 in overdraft charges, 8 of them for cig, and fast food, charged me $280.00, plus they dont mail overdraft notices, so you might be unaware. Then 10 days later had another 80.00 in daily charges of 8.00.

When I called customer service, they told me "All the banks charge fees like this, and all of them charge DAILY FEES". Sorry.

SO 30.00 overdraft cost me 340.00..... I have never heard of daily fees... My Bank Of Amercia and My Wachovia and My First Citizens Account NEVER have EVER charged me daily. And they also take the smallest charges first.

5th 3rd is out to make money.... and doesnt care about its customers. WATCH OUT!


Gee whiz, thanks for the advice. Obviously you did not read the article correctly as I stated it was my fault, had no problem swallowing the regular fee my beef was the outrageous fee policy they have and how they conviently forget to leave out this information when you join their bank.

Seeing I joined online it must have been somewhere in the fine fine print.

Recently went w/ BF as he opened a new acct and he was not told this policy as well, luckily I asked about it. The whole point was to make others aware of this policy.


you are borrowing from the bank. if a million people "miscalculate" 97 cents, the bank is putting out alot of money.

keep a checkbook register and this wont happen to you.

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