I have leased a car with 5th 3rd since 2008 and pride myself in having a credit score of 836 and ALWAYS making payments on time. I make my payments through my credit union and today received a call saying they did not get the payment.

When I checked with my credit union they said the check went out but was not cashed yet. When I called 5th 3rd back the customer service person was rude and told me that they didn't get the check, they would report me to the credit agencies, and my credit would be damaged and they were charging me a late fee.

When I asked to speak with a supervisor he kept threatening me and when he finally transferred me I waited forever. Obviously, all the complaints on the internet are going unheeded so I believe we should start by contacting the President of 5th 3rd which I will be doing right after I send this message.

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I'm sorry to hear you had to deal with a rude employee. Unfortunately, none of us can control US mail.

However, good luck calling the president of the bank. I can bet you anything Kevin Kabat will not be having a conversation with you regarding your missed payment. He is pretty nice, but he has other things he is busy taken care of.

If I were you, I'd ask for a branch manager or a regional manager. They should be able to help you better.


you think the president of the bank cares. he is the #1 hole of the bunch. he could never hold a real job.

to Fifth Turd Bank Toledo, Ohio, United States #745862

Just don't geta car loan through this bank they are a constent pain in the arss beginning to end it's almost a scam I have reported them to the States Attorny and the new Consumer Protection in DC

to easy ed Toledo, Ohio, United States #745863

I recieved 3 diffrent pay offs from these a-holes in a two hour time frame ,the right hand has no idea what the left hand is doing LOL

to easy ed Toledo, Ohio, United States #745870

Oh yes the bank mgr on Madison St in Toledo Oh told me they don't have farmed out call centers over seas ,well she was right I guess ,2 in Costa Rica and acouple in Mexico , they were in the Phillipens,but they arn't all in Grand Rapids MI.I was only half a lie. I guess thats the half lie they are telling their peeps to tell customers ,I was born in the night but not last night.I'm retired and don't have anything to do but check out their B.S.

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